Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Secret Santa is cheating!

Every year we do a Secret Santa exchange at work.  We draw names and spent the week sneaking presents and candy onto the person’s desk.  This year, we set an $8 limit.  This is $8 altogether, not per gift.  My secret santa has broken the rules.  I’m pretty sure it’s out of guilt, too, ‘cause I didn’t get anything last week (which was the week we were supposed to do the exchange, but so many people were out of the office, they extended it through this week).  So far, I got a little bucket with shower gel and puff (both Bath & Body Works) and a ceramic Christmas bear on Monday.  Yesterday I got a bottle of Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion from B&BW, there was a candy cane on my keyboard when I got here this morning and when I returned from the gym just now, there was a big bag of Lindor Truffles on my desk.  Not that I’m complaining, but I feel like a cheapskate for following the rules!  I’m fairly certain (70%) that I know who is responsible for this, and that is it the same person whose name I drew, so I might slip something extra onto her desk tomorrow. J  That’ll teach her, right? J