Monday, May 21, 2007

Shake that body!

Oh, so tired.  J  I dislike Monday mornings, not only because it’s the start of another long workweek, but because I’m usually totally exhausted from the weekend.  This weekend was no less stressful than any other recent one – we started off with a belly dance gig for an acquaintance that is moving overseas.  That was a blast!  The going-away party was held at a local VFW, which was kind of weird, but the crowd was really into it – they picked right up on the zaghareet and clapping.  Plus we got paid in cake!  Can’t beat cake! J

On Saturday I put on my running shoes and joined ML for the AHA Heart Walk.  After hitting the farmer’s market for some weekly provisions (locally-produced BLT, anyone?), we hiked 4 miles around the riverfront and downtown.

On my way home from that, I got a call from Magdalene about performing again that night for another party.  This one was a group of high school teachers celebrating the end of the school year and their previously-booked entertainment had cancelled on them.  Thank goddess for the internet!  That show was also a lot of fun – I think the teachers were a little overwhelmed at first, but they got into our act soon enough and we had a great time with what was essentially a rehearsal for our June 9th show.

After we finished up and changed out of our costumes, I headed to Muldoon’s for the SC69 show – they played to a packed house. All was well until the end of the night, when I attempted to help the DH disassemble his drums and dropped a wing nut behind the stage… L 

Sunday was spent sewing, fabric shopping, and painting the new studio.  No wonder I’m exhausted.

My challenge this week is to finish the Virtual Road Trip – I have 25 miles to go before Sunday!