Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Harnessing the power of sun and wind

My new clothesline arrived yesterday.  Unfortunately, all that’s been done with it so far is to take it out of the box and determine a good place for it in the yard.  I need some cement and rocks first, apparently.  If I can get that taken care of tonight, and the get hole dug, I should be line-drying my laundry by tomorrow!  I haven’t done any laundry so far during Low Impact Week because I’ve been waiting for this, but gee, now what excuse will I use?

Any other new composters out there?  I have fruit flies.  Bad.  I started burying my greens a little better – I’m sure my slacker habits of just tossing the new stuff on top led to this problem, but they don’t’ seem to be going anywhere…

We also have ants!  In the garage, that is.  I walked to my car yesterday morning and was horrified to see hundreds of the little beasts gathering near the entrance of the garage…I managed to persuade that group to leave, but there were 3 times as many this morning.  My neighbor across the street stopped by and told me he’d ended up calling Orkin – apparently this is a neighborhood-wide problem.  I’ve dealt with ants in my old house before – trying Borax, cayenne pepper, paprika and every other non-toxic remedy I could find, as they were in my kitchen and I was concerned about accidentally poising the dog.  In the end, I resorted to a can of Raid…  I would be amenable to the more pet-friendly soluations again, but the sheer volume of the ant population and the not-so-great luck I had dealing with them before is gradually pushing me towards the phone to call in the pros….