Saturday, June 02, 2007

I don't do nap time

At least not well. I succumbed to a brief nap this afternoon - its brevity was cut short :) by my dear sweet husband, who upon arriving home from work decided to join me in my slumber, but managed to wake me in the process...I fell back asleep but it was too late. What should have been a quick 20-minute cat-nap turned into a full hour snooze, and now I'm groggy as hell. Great. I have to be on the road in an hour!
We had the first night of a two-night gig last night (that's where I'm off to again this evening), and I think it went fairly decent. I tried out a new solo, and while nervous and totally faking most of it, I received several compliments on my stage presence. That, or some people can anticipate my tendency to melt down afterwards and were just trying to stay out of my way! :)
I am the 5-Mile Champion!!! OK, maybe not. But I did manage to defend my title as the Nebraska 5-Mile Women's Age 25-29, and I will wear my medal proudly, despite the fact that there were like 4 women total in my age group. It was a PR for me, so that's at least something. A full 3 minutes faster than the run I did last week.
So it's Day 2 of Low Impact Week. Last night I took a water bottle and hand towel with me to our show. I will do the same tonight, but I'm not certain it will make up for the 3 paper cups I had to toss on the ground during the race - carrying a reusable bottle during the race really wasn't an option, nor was going without water... Oh, well - these things take practice....
Ugh, better get ready. If I don't wake up fully soon, I feel sorry for anyone who crosses my path...