Monday, July 23, 2007

I’ve been Bozified

A couple of the Divas trekked down to Sedalia, MO this weekend for the Jim Boz workshop. Jim is an amazing belly dancer and teacher. Yes, that’s right – a male belly dancer! There are a few out there… Jim is 265 lbs of muscle and grace, with a great sense of humor. We had a blast and learned a lot, too.
The only complaint I had about the trip was the driving - not only do I really hate to drive (especially for 5+ hours!), but we got lost more than once... :( The first time was on the way through Kansas City - a wrong turn parked us at a gas station in a very bad part of town. Feeling very white and suburban, we quicking refilled our tank, declined purchasing a cd from the nice man with the grill and a 40 oz, and sped back to the interstate. The second time was coming back through KC on the return trip...the fact that we missed our exit went unnoticed until we'd driven 60 miles north of the city. Fortunately we were able to backtrack only 6 miles before finding a crossroads and getting on the right road home.
All in all it was a fun trip - its a treat to watch new dancers, and I got mucho inspiration for new costume ideas. Plus we got to see fire poi dancing! Hot! :)