Thursday, July 05, 2007

Second Monday this week

Ugh, as much as I like having a day off in the middle of the week, it only seems to make coming back to work harder…

Local food month is progressing quite nicely.  My garden yielded its first bounty yesterday (not counting the little pepper I plucked last month in fear of the rabbit…).  Today I’m eating almost entirely local – PB&J on local bread with homemade choke-cherry jelly (compliments of Grandma), local scrambled eggs, local BLT salad with local dressing, local bread and cheese for an afternoon snack, and ML has promised more local bread and cheese for Jazz on the Green tonight.  The wine won’t be local, but it was purchased from a small neighborhood wine store that I like to support… 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!  I started the day off by marching our schnauzer mutt in the neighborhood bike parade along side the kiddies…he had a great time, getting petted by little girls and fed peanut butter cookies…  Then the DH and I ventured over to his folks’ house for homemade ice cream.  It wasn’t so local – his mom forgot our plans to bring local milk and bought everything ahead of time.  However, we did use peaches from their tree, so it was partially local. J  And still yummy as hell! J  I was given all the leftovers, too… J 

Last night I was feeling rather anti-social, so rather than go over to a friend’s house, I stayed in and worked on some projects, pausing to watch my neighbors shoot off fireworks.  I’m glad other people think they’re worth the money – I love watching, but I’d never buy them myself.  

I reconstructed two t-shirts last night – a pink T became a tank top, similar to the State Farm experiment.  The remnants of that shirt became sleeves and a sash for a yellow shirt.  Neither was perfect, but for $6, I’m not going to complain.  Especially not once I glanced at the labels and realized that someone originally paid probably over $20 for each of them at Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister!  J 

I got into the Wardrobe Refashion challenge starting in August, so hopefully by them I have more t-shirt skillz and managed to retain some motivation for the project!  I think I will start will the 2-month pledge, just to be on the safe side.

OK, I have a shopping confession I better get off my chest:  I bought fabric.  It was too hard to resist – 3 yards of light-weight denim at $2 a yard.  I made some Happy Pants that came out nearly perfect, other than being about 2 inches too big (but I can fix that).  No, I didn’t need the fabric by any means, but I did use it immediately so I feel slightly justified…not entirely though!  Hopefully I made it through the last week of my no-shopping month without any more slip-ups.