Friday, September 21, 2007

Another football weekend

Here's a shot of Memorial Stadium last Saturday night, before half the fans left in disappointment.

This weekend we play Ball State, which hopefully will be an easy win. We need it! The DH and I will head down to Lincoln tomorrow with my folks, and then they will bring my nephew back to our place with them to spend the night. I'm not sure that my sister has let him spend the night away from her yet, so I'm curious as to how many times she calls to check on him. :)

Aside from the game and having family in town, I'll also be working on what will probably be my final Wardrobe Refashion for this pledge term. I'm really considering signing up again - there are still dozen of projects I haven't had time for in the past two months, and I really don't need to step foot in a mall any time soon. This weekend's project will be a dress for the JLO Toast to Omaha party that the DH and I are attending next weekend.

Throw in some dance practice and cheering for my dad at the Omaha Marathon, and it's another busy weekend.