Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not so bright?

We have most of the rooms in our house converted to compact fluorescent bulbs. Last night the DH informed me that one of the CFLs in our bedroom was flickering and about to burn out. He was happy to tell me about it, because he thinks it's funny to watch me get all riled up about environmental "stuff".

This is my first experience with CFLs, but I’m guessing, like every product you can buy, sometimes there are duds. Especially if you’re like me and bought the cheapest CFLs you could find. So, out of the 24 or so bulbs I’ve purchased to date, one of them didn’t last 6 months. OK, fine. Let’s just write the whole concept of saving energy and saving money off as a big scam – we’ve been had! Whatever, I don’t think so. I think we got one bad bulb – nothing in life is perfect, OK? When they all crap out in under a year, I’ll consider changing my mind, but for now, I think CFLs are a pretty bright idea.