Friday, November 30, 2007

crunch crunch crunch

I’m eating the BEST apple right now.  It’s a Haralson, a variety I’d never heard of before, but is apparently a great sweet-tart dessert (eating) and pie (baking) apple that grows well in the Midwest.  It’s amazing what you can learn about apples on Wikipedia. J  I got a hankerin’ for fruit last night while at the grocery store, and happened upon a display of apples that said “Midwestern-grow”.  Hmmmm…that’s kind of local…better than Washington…far better than Argentina…  I figured being relatively-local, they probably wouldn’t taste all that great, but I was pleasantly surprised!  I plan to eat all the apples I can handle over the next month – braces will probably remove this particular food from my diet for a while… Mmmm… maybe I’ll make some apple crisp…oops, I’m drooling.

Of course, I’m eating this apple with complete disregard for all the produce-washing directions I learned yesterday in my food safety course.  I took half a day off of work to drive down to Lincoln for this free food safety course that the coop wants all its volunteers to take.  As boring as that sounds, it was absolutely fascinating.  I learned how to kill my family with botulism (feed them garlic-and-oil dressing left out of the fridge for a few days), how not to store raw fish (lower than other raw meats in your fridge – you don’t cook the fish long enough to kill off everything that could drip from other meat), and how much we don’t get off our hansd when we wash them (even thoroughly – eeewww).

The class didn’t take the entire afternoon, but driving back to work seemed like a waste of time – driving there would take longer than I would spend at my desk – so I headed home to finish painting my Reuse Me bags and hang out with the dog…  I also whipped out the “artsy clutch” bag from Amy Karol’s “Bend the Rules Sewing” book – I thought I’d better try one out before attempting perfected version to give my younger cousins as gifts.  It turned out pretty cute – I used the leg of a pair of jeans I cut up for a skirt last week and lined it with the crazy-print I used for a dress over the weekend.  I just need to find a button…and take a photo!

Last night, I met up with ML to see a play.  She suggested “Meet Me in St. Louis”, and because I loved loved loved that movie, I agreed and booked a reservation.  Uh, mistake.  It was not good.  It was at a new theatre for both of us, and as we sat down I got the feeling that we were about 50 years too early for this show.  It must have been Senior Night.  And man, those older folks don’t seem to get the concept of not talking out loud during the entire play.  Not that they could have ruined the show with their old-folk banter – the storey and acting took care of that by itself.  It was a comedy adapted from the musical, sans music and any possible comedic leanings.  As ML said, “So THIS is why people are afraid of community theatre!”  We are just extremely spoiled I guess – this was really the first bad theatre experience I’ve had – the quality of writing and acting at the Shelterbelt, Blue Barn and the other local theatres we frequent sets a pretty high standard…

Tonight should make up for last night’s show – the DH and I are making our annual trek to the Orpheum for The Nutcracker. This time they’re performing the Imperial Nutcracker, a version I haven’t seen before.  I can’t wait!