Thursday, November 01, 2007

sugar coma

We have leftover candy, and the DH’s low-carb diet is going to force ME to finish it all. Not that I’m complaining… J We had a pretty good run of trick-or-treaters last night, even some trick-or-cheaters – the kids that came back more than once… Kids these days, huh?

Our own “kid” wasn’t too thrilled with his costume. Yes, I’m one of those crazy people that dresses her dog in clothes. But I do it for a good reason – if he has a shirt on, he doesn’t move and that keeps him from jumping on people. Oh, and he’s cute!

Tomorrow morning, I’m heading to the airport with my siblings and we’re off to the big city. My younger brother is running in the New York Marathon and invited my sister and I along to watch. He actually invited us so we could plan the trip for him and defray his costs, but he won’t admit that outright… I’m not sure I’m looking forward to this trip. I haven’t packed yet, I have a slight cold, and I’m super cheap. Being cheap in NYC doesn’t seem like it will work out too well. Gee, don’t I sound like a pleasant travel companion? I’m sure it’ll be better than I make it sounds, but optimism is not my thing today…