Friday, December 21, 2007

Good thing I like my parents...

In Starre’s post today on Eco-Chick, she talks about the legacy we are leaving the generations to come, in the way of environmental disasters and other fun stuff.  Her point was basically that our kids are going to hate us.   The problems we don’t fix today are not going away, just getting bigger…and if the next generation doesn’t take action, the snowball of disaster just keeps rolling downhill.


While reading the story this line stuck out to me, , for entirely different reasons:

“Isn’t it the American way to hold your parents in contempt until you’re at least 25, and then become them?”

.  I have become my parents.  I see so much of their behavior in my actions.  My mom had a big garden when I was growing up.  She also had a compost pile, a memory that recently resurfaced.  She still loves to grow things in the dirt and make things – cooking, sewing, crocheting, just as her mom (as well as my paternal grandmother) before her.  Like both my parents I have a tendency to overbook myself – they are constantly busy and forever exhausted.  I also have the not-so-great trait of my father to hold a mean grudge…

Is it so bad, becoming like your parents?  Maybe not.  I like to think of myself as the upgraded version. J