Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just lost MY business

I've mentioned before that the DH and I are giving several of our loved ones gift cards this year for Christmas. Not because we don't know them well enough to pick out a decent gift...in fact, it's because we DO know them so well that we got them highly specific gift cards. :) I ordered these gift cards online and had them mailed to me. For the vast majority, the cards came in an envelope - an entirely appropriate method of delivery. However, for one specific card, which shall remain nameless to protect it's recipient, it came not only in an envelope, but in an envelope surrounded by flyers, a catalog, BUBBLE WRAP, and a padded security envelope! O. M. G. Seriously! Bubble Wrap??? For a gift card? It wasn't even a plastic gift card - it's a piece of paper! How much packaging is really needed to protect a piece of paper? Hmmm...maybe a small, plain envelop? C'mon, people, this is the reason our landfills are so full - all of the packaging. I can only imagine how much this company uses when they ship an actual product... Absolutely disgusting. I know this particular recipient loves this particular company, but I certainly won't be buying from them again.