Tuesday, April 08, 2008


After what I assume was an agonizingly long weekend being separated from his wife, the DH arrived home Sunday evening to house full of people – surprise!  Happy 30th Birthday!

Phew, the party went amazingly well.  I was a little nervous (OK, a LOT) about it all weekend.  First, let’s review the weekend, shall we?  I left work Friday morning to attend the Girls’ Inc. Girlfriend’s volunteer guild board meeting.  Then I headed home to clean and pack.  I thought I’d be able to do all my party prep (chopping, mixing, etc) at home, but alas…the DH had the day off and was hanging around the house…  So, when I left for my haircut at 3, I just packed the cutting board, bowls, knives, etc, and told him I had to run errands before leaving for the weekend.  Being the naturally suspicious bloke that he is, he called me while I was grocery shopping to ask if I was having an affair.  I said “yes”.  It was easier than explaining the truth. J  I hauled all my groceries to ML’s and spent a good hour cutting up fruit, veggies, sausage and cheese for the party.  

Friday evening was spent driving to Des Moines with some Divas for the annual Rainbows of the Desert workshop.  It was an…interesting…weekend – the Divas have consistently proven that we don’t need alcohol to have a good time.  We are goofy enough without it. J

The workshop on Saturday was fun – I was not wild about the instructor or her teaching style, but the shopping was good. J  Knowing that I couldn’t resist the lure of the vending tables, I build a belly dance caveat into my Buy Nothing April.  I purchase some jewelry, a sword (!), and a sari-fabric halter top for Angeli Tannenbrarum purposes. 

On Sunday, we woke up early and headed for home.  After a brief Salome rehearsal, I rushed around town (a stop at the library, gas station, bank, last minute trips to the grocery store, etc) and then went home to clean, cook, and decorate for the party.  The DH was supposedly in the studio all day recording his drum tracks for Aura sing’s debut cd, but had indicated that he would be done early.  Panic!  Fortunately, his session took a lot longer than he anticipated, so by the time he arrived home, the food was ready and guests were arriving. Surprise!  I am an excellent liar – he had figured out that I was throwing him a party, but I told him it was next weekend.  J  It was an excellent party – the whole band, several of his friends, a few Divas, and most of our family was in attendance, including his grandmother and aunt from Colorado.  

Unfortunately, after such a whirlwind weekend, I must have worn down my defenses and woke up ill on Monday.  I spend the entire day in bed, reading and napping.  Ugh.  Today I’m up and half-way in the world of the living, but still sneezing and coughing like crazy.  


I hope everyone else had a great weekend, too!  A big congratulations to Jon, who finished his first marathon!  Woo-hoo!