Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is it nap time yet?

Phew, what an exhausting weekend!  After staying out too late on Thursday night (seeing “Shotgun Stories” at Film Streams, then stopping by the Slowdown to watch Ha Ha Tonka while they were in town), I bid farewell to the DH early Friday morning.  His band headed north to Minneapolis to play a set at the Fine Line.  They took my Prius, so I’m sure they had a great time – how could they not? J  I left work a few hours early to hang out with my sister and nephew (he’s one year old and totally in charge!).  We had a snack at Panera…well, I enjoyed a snack; my sister attempted to eat a sandwich while trying to prevent the nephew from chucking his muffin across the restaurant.  Kids are fun – especially when they’re someone else’s!  Just kidding, sis…

Friday night, Magdalene and I entertained a birthday party at the Indian Oven.  We made it through almost 3 songs before one of the guests decided he’d rather eat than watch us dance.  Hmmm… Oh, well!  I can’t blame him – their food is excellent!  That made for an earlier evening than I was expecting, so I started in on my latest costume inspiration – a denim 10-yard skirt made from recycled jeans.  I’m not actually sure what the hem circumference is, since I didn’t measure it out – probably not 10-yards, maybe closer to 7…  but awesome nonetheless.  I’m going to test it out in class tonight!  I was up until almost 2 a.m. sewing it Friday night, but somehow sprang out of bed at 7:30 Saturday morning.  “Summer vacation syndrome”, I guess – remember how, when you were a kid, it was so hard to get out of bed for school, but you could barely sleep in the summer?  I’m like that on weekends…  I took the puppy to the Village Pointe farmers market, and ran into an old acquaintance from my Dundee days…then hit up a few garage sales on my way home.

I spent the rest of the morning putting the last few seeds in the garden and pulling grass from the fence-line; it was getting a little crowded – now it’s nice and neat!  Then I finished up my denim creation and met up with ML at the fabric store.  We found “a few” good things… J

The DH ended up coming home Saturday afternoon, so we all went to the Slowdown for…DEVOTCHKA!  Omg, it was the best performance of theirs I’ve witnessed to date.  Between the trapeze artist and the additional musicians, I was in heaven.  I picked up Tom Hagerman’s solo disc – several instrumental tracks of him with his violin and accordion.  Does it make me a huge dork that I love the accordion?  Do I care?

On Sunday, all I wanted to do was sleep, so sleep we did – until almost 11.  After a nice long brunch, the DH and I settled in at the cinema to see the latest Indiana Jones movie.  It was much better than I expected, after hearing how over-hyped it was.  It was quite good, actually – they did a great job compensating for the age of the actors and explaining the absence of some of the “old folks”…

Memorial Day dawned gray and gloomy, but we slipped on our running shoes and competed in the Boys Town 5 mile race anyway.  It didn’t rain during the race, and was actually quite pleasant out, compared to previous years (in my 2 previous BT5Ms, it has been either 90 degrees or pouring).  I didn’t do well, but I finished.  My foot problem resurfaced before we even got to the starting line, so it was pretty miserable running on it, but I didn’t quit – it is a Magnet qualifying run, after all.  

ML and I spent the rest of the holiday sewing up a storm – she whipped out 2 dresses, and I finished up one, made a pair of lounge pants, and a couple of shopping bags…  Not too shabby!

We met up for our PiYo class this morning at 6:15 – what a way to end a long weekend!  No wonder I’m tired…at least it’s not Monday.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!