Monday, June 30, 2008

And the CSA begins...

ML and I picked up our first CSA share this weekend before speeding down to Lincoln for a dance workshop.  For a full share, I thought it was rather small   (can’t imagine what a half share would have had), not to mention it was hard to split up – everything was in odd numbers!  Nonetheless, it was a nice variety of early season veggies – two kinds of onions, mixed lettuce, swiss chard, peas, potatoes, and a dozen eggs each.  I sent the peas with ML – there weren’t enough to split, but I harvested a quart of my own garden sweet peas on Thursday. 

Last night I fried a few of the eggs for dinner, along with some fried potatoes, onions, and a “Q-ball” zucchini that I found at the farmers market last weekend.  With some toasted Old Market sourdough, it was a pretty good meal – and an even better breakfast, as I made extra to bring with me this morning.  I followed my first meal today with a helping of the lettuce, another onion and some tomatoes and dill for a fabulous lunchtime salad…  mmmm…. J  So much better than all the crap I ate this weekend! 


Speaking of the weekend, it was a decent one, for the most part.   I took a 4-class, 6 hour workshop in Lincoln, followed by two spots in the show that night.  The stage lights were blinding, so it was a little stressful – several dancers ran into props, no doubt unable to locate them with all that light.  Thank goodness that none of the trees or flaming torches were real!


Sunday, the puppy and I got up early and met Divas on the Run at Lake Zorinsky for a jog.  I brought the dog because a) he needs the exercise and b) I didn’t think he could run for too long, so he was my excuse to walk and nurse my sore hips.  Um, no.  He ran the entire 4.3 miles around the big half of the lake, stopping only to mark his territory and bat at a caterpillar on the trail.  He was very well-behaved, staying in the grass along the trail for the most part, and even inspiring a “wow, that’s a well-trained dog you have there!” comment from a passing biker.  Fooled ‘em, huh?  Ryker spent the rest of the day collapsed either on the bed or on his pillow in front of the window.  One tired puppy.


Tonight the DH has a show at the Roxbury. Hopefully they have chairs, ‘cause I’m old and can’t stand up for more than 10 minutes if I’m not moving. 


Tomorrow morning, I will attempt to wake up before 5 a.m. so that I can meet my new carpooling buddy at 5:30.  Geesh, that’s early, but at least it means I’ll get home at a decent time.  Being such a glowing morning person, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?  Poor guy doesn’t know what he’s gotten into.