Monday, September 01, 2008

Goodbye summer

Ah, Labor Day.  The end of the summer season.  Sure, sure, the fall equinox isn't for another few weeks, but as every schoolkid knows, summer ends long before the day and night become equal.  I tried to squeeze as much summer into this last long weekend as I could.  The DH and I started Friday night off with, well, a Jr. League meeting.  Kind of.  I had to meet with my placement advisor, and she choose a local bar, so I invited the poor hubby along for what I thought would be a quick drink and some questions.  90 minutes later, we finally paid our tab and made our escape.  I'm not sure the DH has entirely recovered - his eyes still look a little glazed from all the girly gabbing.  Such a good sport, though. :)  We then hit up the new Wine Styles at Village Pointe to sample their wares and join the "wine of the month club".  Our last fave wine store closed down earlier this year, so we were running a little low on vino. 
Saturday was a late sleep-in, of course, followed by a trip to the farmers market with the puppy, and a quick stop at the Three Dog Bakery.  Ryker-pup was in heaven.  So many treats!  We both went home happy with bags of veggies and a doggy s'more.  Yea! 
Saturday was also the first Husker game of the season, so after putting away all the produce, the DH and I joined the caravan to Lincoln.  We tailgated with my folks and some neighbors from home, then convinced my mom to come along for some last-minute drinks before climbing (and climbing and climbing) to our seats.  It was a decent game - especially since we won.  It will be interesting to see the impact our new coach has this year.
Slept in again on Sunday (and why not?), then drove up Highway 92 to visit with some friends that were camping in Venice.  It was hot, but they had a shady spot and I brought some iced tea along (not quite ready for booze just yet).  The DH had band rehearsal that evening, so ML came out and we worked on some t-shirt refashions.  Well, eventually.  First, she had to watch me finish baking pear-walnut bread, and fishing my peach jam out of the hot water bath.  I had pealed chopped a quart of peaches for the jam, plus 10 cups of pears for the bread and some spiced pear preserves.  (My in-laws had a surplus from their trees, so we were the happy beneficiaries). 
After ML left, we drove to Bellevue for the annual "van Sanderstine Labor Day Eve" party (don't ask) to share some wine with some of my work buddies and old friends. 
Today, Labor Day, I jumped out of bed bright and early (yeah, right) and headed out for the Go Girl! 5k race.  It's an all-girl race to benefit the Uta Halee girls' home, and it's always a blast.  A nice man in a tux hands you a carnation as you cross the finish line, the Pancake Man flips flapjacks for breakfast, and I actually won some raffle prices for a change - a great "Run Like a Girl" long-sleeve tee and a  "salt glow" body wrap gift certificate.  A masseuse set up her table and gave free rub-downs.  Naturally, I won both of my prizes while on the massage table, which was awkward, but the masseuse was good-natured (as was the long line of women waiting for the table).
Feeling great from the run, massage, pancakes, and prizes, I headed home and spent an entire wonderful afternoon and evening working on projects.  Ah, heaven.  I made a yoga mat bag and a lined tote from a pair of embroidered pants, a kimono-esque top from a Violent Femmes t-shirt, a fluttery wrap-top from some pink tie-died chiffon, and helped ML make two more t-shirt creations.  I had it in mind to make some flannel lounge pants from these great Laura Ashley sheets I scored, but they're still in the dryer... :)
Phew, that was quite the weekend!  The best part, aside from all the sewing (and feeling monstrously productive) was spending time with my husband, friends, family, and of course, Ryker... :)