Friday, November 21, 2008

always learning

Typical busy week.  So busy in fact, that I haven’t had a moment to blog about last week!  It’s been all work and meetings – making up hours from an unexpected day off last Thursday and then heading straight to a My Closet meeting, or a Girls Nite Out meeting, or a dance class, or a My Closet shift…  Phew.  I’ll be really happy when Girls Nite Out is over.  It should be a really great event, but the meetings take over my “date night” with the DH. L  Plus this has been one hellish week at work – one emergency after another.  Will the fun never stop?!? TGIF, that’s all I can say.


So…last week.  Last week was a “learning week”.  I finished up the continuing ed course I was taking at Metro, a Network Security class.  Pretty interesting stuff – a good refresher course on  a lot of subjects, plus some new info that was not covered in my master’s program.  Practical, definitely.


 I also learned how to make a fresco – a wet-plaster painting.  If that definition does nothing for you, how’s this:  the Sistine Chapel ceiling is a fresco.  Basically, you apply the plaster, and paint it while its still wet; the paint chemically bonds with the plaster.  The Young Art Patrons (YAP) group at Joslyn sponsored a free class last Thursday night.  Now, my fresco is nothing to brag about.  In fact, I’m sure that most kindergartners would mock it openly.  I am still debating over whether to hang it next to the painting that our DOG made during “doggie fun days” at the park (dipping his paw in paint and smearing it on some paper) or giving to my toddler nephew to hang in his bedroom…


The learning fun continued through the weekend at the Tribal Dreams Festival in Lincoln, a three-day tribal belly dance workshop.  I took 6 90-minute classes, in which I learned some interesting combos, some killer exercises, and some thought-provoking presentation methods…and got really sore and tired.  Oh, and broke.  The shopping there is phenomenol.  Fortunately, my regular shopping adversion doesn’t extend to belly dance gear, most of which is handmade or used…  or just so fabulously sparkly that I can’t resist.


I really love to learn.  That is probably apparent from my constant buying of how-to books, regular search for dance and craft classes, and recent decision to go back to school.  That’s right, I said back to school.  Eek.  The connotations with being a “non-traditional” (i.e. “old”) student are not exactly flattering, but I’m trying to paint this in a just-another-chapter-in-my-life-story kind of light.  I received notice last week that I am enrolled into Spring ’09 graduate courses through the University of Missouri.  So this next chapter begins on January 18th, 2009…