Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy let's get down to business...

Here's to a happy little new year...  In the spirit of always filling my plate and having eyes far bigger than my stomach (or calendar), here are (some) of my New Year's Resolutions for 2009.  I'm trying to be specific, because apparently those types of goals are easier to achieve.
  • Smile even when I don't feel like it
  • Train for Lincoln half-marathon w/ ML
  • Limit myself to one pop (or less) per week
  • Save enough cash for a new camera
  • Donate or sell 25% of my clothing/fabric/shoes/etc
  • Knit pedicure socks
  • Crochet or knit 5 scarves and hats to donate to Salvation Army or other charity
  • Choreograph 3 new solos and perfect 3 current solos
  • Work dancing into my everyday routine
  • Try out every single belly dance video that I own
  • Spend more quality time with the DH
  • Buy less crap
  • Of the things I make, keep only those that are beautiful or useful
  • Try new techniques and designs, with the goal of the above in mind
  • Study for and obtain my CISSP certificate
  • Apply and be accepted in the Masters of Arts in Library Sciences program at MU.
  • Earn at least 12 credit hours toward my MALS
  • Learn to prioritize more and procrastinate less so that all of the above becomes feasible!
Not too much, right? :)  Well, so far, so good anyway...  I ran a few miles today, and will run with the group tomorrow.  I have done 2 of my belly dance dvds so far this week - new ones, too!  I put my Christmas cash aside for the new camera.  I'm signed up for 6 hours in the MALS program at the University of Missouri, to start in the next few weeks.  I am slowly learning to knit, starting by reworking the scarf I did (horribly) last year - and I can purl now too!  Go me!  And I'm smiling right now, so that's good... ;) 

Happy New Year!  I hope this motivation lasts at least through February!