Sunday, July 26, 2009

playing catchup...

With the CSA share... I did really well the first two weeks using all of our share, but fell behind these past few days. We pick up on Saturday, and if I can't start on some of it that day, I try to whatever prep is needed on Sunday and then we cook a massive meal on Tuesdays ("Date Night"). This is really our only chance during the week to eat together, so its become Huge Freaking Meal Night as well. Anyways, despite HFMN this week, the pile of veggies didn't seem to be shrinking, so in anticipation of yesterdays' pickup, I spend some time on Friday plowing through the veggie stash... roasted all the remaining beets and carrots (= dinner with toasted oatmeal bread and a horseradish sauce), shredding the viable zucchini (= 3 loaves zucchini-walnut bread, 3 loaves zucchini-whatever-mulberries-were-left bread), and chopping all the onions and peppers (we're at no loss for those, so freezing is a good option!). The bread turned out super yummy...but I overfilled the pans during the walnut batch. The bread muffin-topped out of the pans, and I also probably didn't let it cool long enough...looks horrible, but tastes fabulous. Guess it just means I don't have to share.

Also had time to make this shirt and get a little housework done...but just a little!

Of course, today is Sunday, so we had yet another pickup yesterday. It was lighter, and due to the lack of summer heat, we won't have one next week, so I will have a break. I washed lettuce and basil yesterday, and we used some of our zucchini for the DH's new favorite method of grilling it with feta cheese. We also pulled a massive spaghetti squash our of our own garden for dinner (due, also, I assume to the lack of heat - the fall squash is arriving already). Cooked that with some of my freshly made basil-walnut pesto. Today I will make more pesto, freeze a dozen ears of cook, prep the broccoli, and see what other fun I can get into before rehearsals begin!