Friday, February 24, 2006

Old Friends...

Thursdays have officially become 'My Nights'.  Lowell works until late, so I get to spend some quality time with myself, or a friend if I can find one without previous engagements.  Last week, I took myself to Joslyn to the Young Art Patron's "Conversation With a Curator", where we got to eat free food, drink free wine, and talk with the museum's newest curator about his vision for the future of Joslyn.  This week, I reserved myself a seat at Baby D's to see "Killer Joe", a play about trailer trash and life insurance policies.  I managed to talk my friend Rafal into going with me, which was nice, as I've been under the mistaken impression that he was in New Orleans for the last few weeks.

I ran into some old friends before the show, when I stopped for Chinese food at a fine midtown establishment.  A neighbor from my first year of college, Chevy, and his lovely wife Lisa, who were kind enough to let me sit with them and then threw down to buy my dinner.  That totally made my night - thanks guys!  Free Chinese good makes for a happy little goddess... ;)