Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dance, Dance

Some of the girls from my belly dance troupe will be performing this Friday night at the grand reopening of The Fuse, at 144th & U streets. I'll be there, but I won't dance much, as I still haven't developed a solo after all this time. This is the year, though, I swear! I've made it a New Year's Resolution, to work up a solo and dance it in public, if only in front of my troupe. So I'm going to do it. Really. I am. (Who am I trying to convince here?) J

I'm pretty on track with my other resolutions, I'd say:

  • Master the Belly Roll - I can do it, just not perfectly
  • Run a 10K - I'm halfway there, running 3 miles with no issues
  • Look great in a swimsuit! - I have until August to accomplish this, but I'm working out at least 5 days a week right now
  • Have a fabulous wedding - so far, so good - check out my wedding blog!

I should add "save money" and "do more volunteer work" or something like that, huh? One little goddess step at a time...