Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Snowed in...or not

Back at work after the first snow day of the year - which also happened to coincide with the Vernal Equinox.  Huh.  Go figure -  it is Nebraska.  Does every state say that about their weather?  "Don't like the weather here?  Wait 5 minutes."  I grew up with that expression, and always just assumed it was a Nebraska thing, but I'm sure it probably applies to Kansas, Iowa, etc. 

Anyway, we didn't let the threat of snowy roads hold us back - I road-tripped to Kansas City on Sunday to catch the fabulous Belly Dance Superstars on stage at the Uptown Theater.  They are amazing!  It would have even been worth being stuck along the interstate somewhere...which didn't happen.  The roads were surprisingly dry, despite the "Winter Weather Advisory" - the real snow didn't start until Monday afternoon, once we were safely back in Omaha...  The point of this story?  Take chances and do what you want!  The weather cooperated with us and we saw the best Raqs Sharqi show around. 

Alas, I am back to the grind - a snow-packed commute this morning, followed by waiting over an hour in line to get on base - totally ridiculous, btw.  I expected to get to the gate and find all the guards frozen to death and one little near-sighted guy frantically checking IDs.  That was not the case - they were just being slow.  Grrrrr.... Hopefully the rest of the day and week will be more pleasant.  This little goddess is in need of her yoga class tonight!