Friday, March 10, 2006


I had my own version of a "near-death" experience yesterday.  It was announced that the DoD had made some major funding cuts and for a moment, I saw my level of income flash before my eyes.  Thankfully, most of the jobs on our contract seem to be safe for the time being, but it really made me step back and think about all the things for which I should be grateful.

I have a good job with a fairly supportive company - one that encouraged me to finish my graduate degree (by paying for it) and has stuck with me when I was unhappy in my last position. 

I have a fantastic fianc√©, who is more than I ever dreamed of in one person.  With weekly roses and chocolate treats, he spoils me silly and forgives my absentmindedness.  We have a great house, an adorable dog, and a bright future.  We marry in 5 months, which will cap off the happiest 24 months of my life, so far.

I have good health.  This week one of my friends announced a possible tumor in her brain and one of Lowell's friends is about to undergo surgery to enable her to have children.  Yesterday I fussed because I didn't want to go to the gym at lunch, and then I started thinking about all the people who can't even walk, so I went anyway and ran an extra mile. 

I have some great friends - some from college, some from work, some that I know just through the joy of belly dance.  All are different - some are even a little odd - but I love them, quirks and all.

I have a wonderful family, too - we tease and fight, but we're closer than most families I know and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

As I look over this list I have just made, I see that I have many, many reasons to be grateful for my life and I know that my problems are far and few between, and none are so big that I can't conquer them.  And should I fail, I know that someone will be there for me, because I am loved, and this is why I am such a happy little goddess...