Thursday, May 18, 2006

Licensed to Wed

So Lowell and I went to the County Clerk's office yesterday afternoon and filed an application for our marriage license.  We're one step closer.  It's becoming very surreal.  I had my first wedding dress fitting Tuesday - it's waaaayyy too long, and I also got hustled into the bustle - what a rip-off!  Of course, I didn't even know what a "bustle" is, so how was I supposed to defend myself?  Oh, well.  

The guest list is growing by the minute - I keep running into people who just assume that they are invited.  How do you tell someone who gushes about how much they are looking forward to the wedding that I didn't plan on inviting them?  You don't.  You just send them an invitation and pray that half of the people don't want to drive this far!

At least we're starting on the fun stuff - registering for gifts! J  Shopping makes this little goddess very happy!