Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Right on track...

Wow, looking over past entries, I stumbled upon my New Year’s Resolution post from February, which included:

Mastering the Belly Roll;

Running a 10K;

Dancing a Solo;

Looking great in a swimsuit;

Having a fabulous wedding.

In February I noted that I was on track for all of these goals – able to run 3 miles (halfway to that 10K), working out consistently towards that swimsuit fantasy, planning the wedding, etc.  Time for an update:

I ran my first 10K in May – the ungodly awful Bellevue Barnburner.

I danced my first solo in March, at a troupe hafla, and my first public solo in May.

I had a fantastic wedding in August, and I sported a new little bikini on the beach in Mexico shortly afterwards – looking pretty good, I might add.

Still working on that belly roll, but I took a workshop a couple of weeks ago – maybe those drills will help…

An accomplished little goddess is a happy little goddess…