Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

My first resolution should probably be to spend less time sitting around in my bathrobe, surfing the internet... hmmm...not sure I'll be able to keep that one!
With that thought in mind, I'll focus on things that I CAN commit to:
Aimee's 2007 New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Dance every day - obviously this should be a full practice session, but even just around the kitchen will work. I resolve to
  2. Do what feels good - with regards to what I feed myself and how I move. Junk food tastes good, but if I feel sick afterwards, what good am I doing myself? I resolve to think before I eat! This also applies to exercise. I love how I feel after a good cardio class or treadmill session - I will remember this when I'm tempted just to slump in front of my desk and skip the gym.
  3. Show the love - to my friends and family, and especially to my new husband. So often, I'm cranky and crabby, and I'm afraid this shows in my interactions with the people I love the most. This is unfair to them, and to myself.
  4. Stop the insanity! - with regards to my extra-curricular activities. I commit to not over-committing...if that makes any sense. :) I've taken on enough activities this past year, all of which I love dearly. I shall not add another time-intensive commitment and will instead focus my energies on the activities I am already passionate about - belly dancing, Jr. League, running, continuing education pursuits, and of course my marriage.
  5. Relax - this ties into #2, with taking care of myself, but I will find time for me - do read, sleep, do yoga, paint my toenails, whatever - on a regular basis.
I'll add more I'm sure, as they occur to me, but as I look over this list, I notice that none of these goals are specific, as my resolutions were last year. It was easy to check each item off last year's list, because I knew when each had been accomplished. That won't be as simple this year, but maybe this abstraction of my goals will lead to a more fulfilling and easy-going process. We shall see...