Thursday, January 11, 2007

Resolution Progress or Lack Thereof

Yeah, so I’m not doing all that well on the New Year’s Resolutions, but we’re only 11 days into the year, right? How am I doing? Let’s see:

1) Dance every day – it’s been about every other day, but Sunday rehearsals have recommenced this week, as well as Wednesday night classes, plus I signed up for an 6 week tribal basics class on Thursdays, so even if I slack at home, there is 3 days a week I’ll be dancing.

2) Do what feels good – I have NOT been following this. I’ve been eating junk all week – poptarts, cookies, candy bars, etc. Even a couple of full-calorie pops. Uck. No wonder I DON”T feel good! I should know better – I feel awesome after a big glass of water and some healthy veggies, but like a rock (a fat, squishy rock) after the cookies – so what’s wrong with me???

3) Show the love – I’ve been trying to do this with the friends, but have struggled with the hubbie – I’ll blame it on the “week before” this week, but I feel like I’m nitpicking him more than usual (although it could be that he’s being more annoying than usual!!)

4) Doing pretty well on this one – have pretty much only done belly dance and Lowell’s band-related things so far this year – all of my other activities have revolved around being at home – making sushi, cross-stitching naughty phrases, surfing the web, etc.

5) Relax – as mentioned above – I’ve started a couple of for-me hobbies – cross-stitching (made my expecting sister a bib that says “Babies Suck.”), making sushi, etc; plus I have beautifully painted toenails… J

So not a great start, but not bad…I’ll get there – it’s only January!