Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving...Err, um, Valentine's Day!

My poor husband, I give him such a hard time… he’s been calling every holiday “Thanksgiving” and I always feel compelled to point these incidents out and laugh at him. J  But at least he has a sense of humor, because along with the biggest heart-shaped box of chocolates I’ve ever seen and a dozen beautiful red roses, he wrote “Happy Thanksgiving” on my Valentine’s Day card. J 

I suppose we should both be very thankful – we just passed the 6 month point in our new marriage and everything is going well.  We had a great “date” last night – you still call them dates after you’re married, right? – went to a wonderful restaurant, ate delicious food, and had pleasant conversation and great laughs.  I can’t imagine being happier.

This morning on my way to work, I dropped his gift off for him to find when he gets to work.  He insisted “no flowers”, ‘cause that’s not something that guys like, or so he says.  So I made him a special “bouquet” of silk flowers (which I actually bought for a craft project), drum sticks (for his drums – not chicken legs!), beef jerky and other low-carb treats, a couple of drumming magazines, a dvd, and gift cards to iTunes and Starbucks.  I was pretty impressed with myself – I hope he is too!  

This February 14th, I am a very happy, and thankful, little goddess….