Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Spectacular Weekend

The 2007 Nebraska Belly Dance Spectacular has come and gone.  While it didn’t go entirely perfectly (a couple blown fuses, misplaced music, a broken elevator – oh my!), it was still a well-organized and wonderful event.  There was a good crowd for the Green Show during the day, and the day-time classes were well-attended.  Even my mother took a couple of the classes!  She attended Magdalene’s Belly Dance Basics class and Ashiya’s Greek Dancing class.  I signed up for Calliste’s Gothic Belly Dance class and had a blast – she’s such a fun teacher. J  I think a couple of the Divas will work on a Gothic number for the next hafla, so watch out! J 

The Spotlight Show kicked off with the Diva Soma girls twirling their day-glo canes lit by black lights.  My Fish – whack!  No one got injured, so I’d call it a success. J  This was followed up by a very cute number choreographed by Sapphire Phoenix and Pelagia to the James Brown/Hakim duet “Lela”.  It was an incredible start to an amazing night of dancing – performers that followed included Basharaat, Whorlwinds, the Athenian and Aegean Dancers, Della and the Hathorian Dancers, Karavan of Dreams, and the women of Metamorphosis Studio.  

Can’t wait till next year!