Monday, April 09, 2007

bad things come in 3's..

And hopefully they stop after 3.  Hear that bad luck?  I’ve already had 3 incidents today – you can stop now!  I woke up late this morning.  A result of staying up late, of course.  So anyways, I get up late (bad luck occurrence #`1), dash around getting things ready, watering my little seeds, cutting up some fruit for a snack, packing some chocolate for when the fruit isn’t enough. J…and then I head out for the day.   Or try to.  My car won’t start!!! This bad luck occurrence #2 takes me totally by surprise (#1 didn’t – I oversleep all the time) because I drive a Honda Civic and these things never seem to break.  Grrr…  I finally get to work, with the help of the DH who has the day off.  Bad luck occurrence #3 happens a few hours later at the gym…heading to the treadmill and my ipod won’t start…a result of a dead battery – it must have come on in my purse.  


Fortunately there were a few bright spots to my day – the car problem wasn’t that major.  Something to do with spark plugs.  Had I been able to start my car, I would have driven off without my badge for work and been unable to get in, resulting in another hour of driving and cursing to retrieve it from our dresser top.  As we left this morning, I remembered that it wasn’t in my bag and grabbed it.  I had a decent run despite the lack of music, as the treadmill I used today had a tv, so I just plugged my headphones into that.  The brightest spot was the realization that I have a wonderful husband who hopped right out of bed, drive me to work, had my car towed to the shop, scrounged up money to pay for it so that our vacation fund wouldn’t be affected and will be here shortly to pick me up.  So really, that’s 4 good things that happened and I’ve come out ahead for the day…