Wednesday, May 09, 2007

And I am a Material Girl

I hate being broke.  OK, granted, I’m not can’t-pay-the-bills, can’t-fill-my-belly, can’t-make-ends-meet broke, I’m just whining middle-class can’t-go-shopping-today broke, but still.  Not having cash for fun stuff makes me antsy and unpleasant to be around.  And while I actually do have a little pocket money at the moment, I’m trying to ration it out carefully as not to blow it all before my next paycheck. 

But, regardless of the fact that I technically have some money, I’m not in a position to spend it because of all the things I have coming up (workshops, costume purchases, social obligations) for which I should be saving…and therefore I really really really want to buy things.  Lots of things.  I never seem to want things unless I can’t have them…and when I can’t have them, I get obsessive.  

Today’s obsession:  Melodia pants.  These are an item that I actually “need”; a group of us are working on a Gothic/tribal fusion dance and we need appropriate costumes…which translates into extremely-expensive-but-oh-so-fabulous pants, aka Melodias.  I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to justify them enough to use a credit card (a huge no-no at my house), but so far, I’ve been “lucky” enough (financially-speaking) not to find the ones I want in my size.  I want a pair of black fringes (the options are fringe, sash, or miniskirt), in size S31.  Apparently I’m small for Melodias – awesome!  Well, except that smalls are rare and quickly snapped up.  Currently on eBay, the only black S31s available are the minis.  The Melodia rep posted about black fringes in S32 early this morning, which I messaged her about, but I think they were already taken… :P 

So, yeah, this is my poor white suburban hell right now – not being able to buy fancy pants.  How pathetic am I? J