Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The bargain basement

I went “shopping” this weekend, in my basement.  Got a couple of nice items of clothing, and I didn’t spend a dime…  Everything once in a great while, I sort out my dresser and closet, taking all the clothes I haven’t worn in a while (seasonal items, etc) and packing them away.  This weekend I pulled out one of the large storage totes I’d packed away, to see if there was anything I could donate to the Jumble ShopWhile digging through this massive pile of clothing, I found a nice pair of black trousers – I’m guessing at one point, I bought a new pair of nearly identical pants, so I put these aside – and a silky green sleeveless shell with some beading across the front.  Both items look reasonably stylish and work-appropriate, and since I’d forgotten that I even possessed them, they were new to me!  The rest of the items, as well as a large bag of shoes, are heading to the Jumble Shop tonight on my way to dance class…hopefully someone else will get a little thrill from my basement scavenging as well.