Friday, June 22, 2007

Solo Anxiety

Oh, so nervous. Today is the first day of Omaha's Summer Arts Festival, and Diva Soma was invited to dance at the tent of local radio station 96.1 The Brew. Angeli Tenebrarum is taking the first set tonight, and since we only have one group choreography, this means we each need to have a solo. I've been half-heartedly working on mine all week, finishing it last night. I'm freaking out! I love the song ("Trinkit" by Beats Antique - isn't that a fitting song title during my no-buying-useless-crap month? Trinkit?!?), but I'm not all that confident in my abilities in this particular style of belly dance yet. Hopefully it will be a small crowd. :)
The art festival is just the first of many activities planned for this fine weekend. Afterwards, the DH and I will be meeting ML at Shakespeare on the Green to see Henry V, and then on to see local band Oxygen. Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, hopefully followed by a nap :), and then back to the SAF for more dancing. The plans for Saturday are undecided at this point, but Sunday is booked - SAF, family dinner, ML's ORG bout, and the first night of sand volleyball...