Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend: Cancelled

It was a rather disappointing weekend.  Two of the events I was really looking forward to (dancing at the Summer Arts Festival and sand volleyball) were cancelled.  Diva Soma was scheduled to dance at the SAF on  Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday afternoon, but shortly after the Saturday afternoon performance, we were informed that we were “distracting” and had to quit.  Apparently, we drew too much of a crowd and no one was watching the bands in the main pavilion.  Friday’s performance was also a little short, due to a torrential downpour and a really poor-quality sound system.  It is hard to dance when you can’t hear the music! J 

Despite the rain Friday night, we did still manage to catch Henry V at Shakespeare on the Green.  I was really moved by the relevance of the play to the current state of war that we are facing…   After the play, we stopped into Mick’s to see Oxygen.  I enjoyed the band – they were quality musicians, although not quite my style of music.

Saturday was a bummer.  First of all, my darling husband insisted that I go shopping with him, although he knows that I am refraining from such activities this month.  He did his best to shield me from all the girly clothes and shoes I would normally head straight for, and bought me a cookie for my trouble, but still… it was a miserable afternoon.  With the dancing being cancelled, the DH and I made the most of the evening, heading out with some of his band mates to catch another local cover band, Cheshire Grin.  The bar was far too smoky for me – it was hard to see, much less breath!

Sunday morning, he insisted on going back to the mall!!! WTF?  Wasn’t one day enough?  Apparently not.  Ugh.  I had dance practice in the afternoon, followed by dinner with the in-laws (which garnered me a free wheelbarrow and some transplants for my garden – yea!)  After dinner, I headed to ML’s Roller Derby bout – I helped her pass out program and deal with Random Drunk Boy before taking my seat and enjoying my first roller derby experience.  It was quite a show – even though all the skaters were less experienced, they were quite impressive.  It’s not something I could ever do – I dislike going fast and being touched, both of which seem to be requirements for the sport – but I would definitely attend another bout as a spectator.

ML and I headed out after the second period for volleyball.  For the second week in a row there were no cars in the parking lot of the complex.  OK…upon approaching the door, I was informed by the manager that Sunday V-ball was cancelled and we should have been called.  Nope, we weren’t.  How disappointing, since I know everyone was looking forward to playing…and since we are all pretty busy, there isn’t another league night that will work for us, so we are officially done.  

Overall, not the greatest weekend, and I’m still in a not-so-happy mood. L  Hopefully this weekend will be better – it ends with a Roger Waters’ concert, so it can’t be all bad. J