Sunday, July 01, 2007

Confessions of a shopaholic

Hello, my name is Ananda Devika and I failed. I knew better, but I did it anyway. I shopped. There was a belly dance workshop yesterday and where there are belly dancers there are belly dance costume vendors. And where there are vendors, there are pretty, sparkly, jeweled and coined items that I just cannot resist. I tried. I let myself look around; telling myself it was only for inspiration for my own projects. I found several things I will try to make. However, I don't really make jewelry and coin scarves and that's where I messed up. Out came the checkbook (TWICE!) and into my bag went a hot pink scarf covered in gold coins, a pink spangled necklace, and a gold-copper-silver necklace and earring set. Oh, and a hot pink tank top bedazzled with the word "Bellydancer" in silver rhinestones. I don't bedazzle either. I was apparently having a pink day. My hope is that all the pink matches this tiered skirt I have in my alteration pile (too big) - today's project will be making it fit, so these new acquisitions don't sit unused. So pretty...gawd, I suck!
Maybe I should focus on the things I didn’t buy. J I didn’t buy a sari-print veil or the matching harem pants. I didn’t buy the stretchy skirt and top combo (in orange or pink). I passed up the coin belt with leaf-shaped coins, even thought I have the perfect skirt to wear it with. I didn’t buy the tie-dyed velvet fringe belt, the bedazzled Melodia-knockoffs, or the 2 other pink hip scarves I admired. I didn’t buy a decently-priced pair of Wings of Isis. So, really I did pretty well. J Amazing what we can justify to ourselves, huh? :P