Thursday, July 19, 2007

Everyone's getting into the act

My dear sweet husband came home last night with a surprise for me:  a juicy local cantaloupe.  That’s right; he bought something local on purpose!  I’d sent him by the store on his way home to pick up some sour cream for our mostly-local fajita dinner (local veggies and meat, not-so-local seasonings or toppings), and they were handing out melon samples in the produce department.  He didn’t recognize this brand of cantaloupe, so he asked the “sample man” who told him the melons were grown by a family a couple of towns away.  Knowing how disappointed I was in not finding a cantaloupe at the farmers market last weekend, my DH decided to pick one up.  Such a sweet man.  When he wants to be, that is. J

As I said above, I used local meat for our fajitas – grass-fed sirloin steak.  This is the good stuff – it was so tender, it was hard to slice.  It just fell apart!  Perfect with the first local peppers of the season…mmm….fajitas… J