Friday, July 06, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year

While most people use that phrase for Christmas, I reserve it for another holiday – the midsummer drinking on the lawn holiday season we call Jazz on the Green.  There is nothing more pleasant that copping a squat on the grass and drinking with your friends while listening to music…  Last night kicked off this year’s Jazz, an Omaha tradition hosted by the Joslyn Art Museum.  I’ve been attending since I graduated from college (undergrad) and have hardly missed a one.  ML has joined me the past few seasons and we always have a blast.  Check out the horrible photo of me and her on her blog.  J  We were joined by friends in from Denver, Dana and Brad.  I don’t think Brad really appreciated the whole experience.  It’s not for everyone.

Next week, the DH gets to come with me – I’m pretty excited, because this is the first year he’ll be able to go on a regular basis.  His work schedule shifted a little and now he has every other Thursday night off.  What better way to celebrate than to drag him along and make him my DD? J