Thursday, August 30, 2007

Joy! ...and disappointment...

Last night I cooked myself some tasty scallop-and-red-pepper-stuffed tilapia and roasted my first-ever butternut squash.  It was seriously the most fabulous thing I’ve eaten all summer.  I was in such heaven that I ate the entire squash myself.  I even called my mother, who apologized for not feeding me more veggies as a child.  Butternut squash is now at the top of my list for garden additions next spring!

Later on, though, I got a hankering for some ice cream.  I drug the poor DH out of the house on the guise that we needed to drop off my library books, and we headed to my favorite place, Sheridan’s, for a hot fudge custard sundae.  I’ve become spoiled; this is the best ice cream (OK, frozen custard) I’ve ever had.  But alas, it was closed!  So DH suggested Dairy Queen, and in a fit of stupidity, I agreed.  Mistake!  It was awful.  I’m totally ruined by Sheridan’s and now DQ is just not a viable substitute.  Drat.

Today, I’m joining two local guilds: the Child Saving Institute Guild and the Girls Inc. GirlFRIENDS.  As a first year active in the Junior League of Omaha, I think this is a great time to put myself out in the community and see what I can do to help.  I’m already signed up to help the CSI Guild at their Touch-a-Truck event next weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.  If nothing more, I’m donating money to two very good causes.  I’ve got two friends on the GirlFRIENDS board, so I also know that I’ll enjoy the company during events. J