Thursday, August 09, 2007

Shopping without plastic bags

Last night my DH and I managed to buy over $140 worth of groceries without acquiring a single plastic bag.  J  There were a few items that didn’t make it into bags, but for the most part, everything fit into our 4 nylon bags and my net farmer’s market bag.  I was amazed – I thought for sure we would have to get a couple of plastic bags, but nope!  The DH was embarrassed, for sure, but we went through the self-checkout aisle in the first store, and in the second store we only bought 4 items, which we just carried out by hand.  So it can be done, and he is willing to put up with it “because he loves me”.  Well, that works for me – the ability to put up with my wacky ideas is one of the many reasons I love him too.