Monday, August 13, 2007

Just the two of us...

My DH and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this weekend. Despite the enormous array of things that we could have been doing with other people, we decided to just spend the weekend together, obligation-free. For me this meant saying no to helping with the grand opening of the new belly dance studio, which was very hard to turn down as this is my favorite extracuricular...but I figured that my sweet DH turned down 8 potential gigs with his (former) band for Saturday night, so the least I could do was be "us-selfish" instead of "me-selfish" and do the same. I think it was a good decision - we had one of the best weekend we've had in a while. We started Thursday night with a picnic at Jazz on the Green - I secured us a great spot by showing up hours early with a blanket. We continued on Friday night with the YAP Art Crawl (with ML and Ev), hanging out in the Old Market with a bottle of wine for a few hours afterwards. Saturday was filled with walking the dog through the Farmers Market, doing house stuff together, and then heading back to the OM for dinner and a carriage ride.
Local band A. Symbiot was playing at a West O club, so we met up with some friends there...unfortunately I overstuffed at dinner and was nearly dozing off during the show - quite the task considering we were in a loud smoky bar with blaring live music... :)
Sunday we celebrated our actual anniversary date by eating the wedding cake that's been sitting in our freezer since last August...for year-old cake, it wasn't bad! We then drove South to help out at the Raven's Nest 5k, a dauntingly muddy and hill-packed trail run. For a 5k, it was a doozy! We assisted with pre-registration and then headed out on the trail - I took 3rd in my age group. Woo-hoo! :) A nap was in order upon our arrival home, at least for the DH - I spent my late morning/early afternoon chopping veggies for salsa and making coleslaw from my FM bounty. We attempted to spend the evening at the Plain White Tees free concert, but a brutal thunderstorm rolled through town after we had barely sat down. The 3 hour rain delay was longer than we were willing to sit in the car, so we headed home for the night. Other than that slight disappointment, I'd have to say it was a pretty good anniversary weekend - it will be hard to top for sure!