Friday, September 07, 2007

Short weeks are always the longest

Why is that?  Why do 4 workdays always feel like 7?  Oh well.  It’s Friday morning, finally, and I’m ready for the weekend.  Hopefully I’ll remember more of it than last weekend!  I can’t post much about ML’s and my co-birthday celebration this past Sunday, because I had a little bit too much champagne.  Nothing like getting smashed on a Sunday afternoon!  But that’s what holiday weekend’s are for, right?

There were some memorable moment last weekend – the DH and I went to the first Husker football game of the season.  NU won, of course.  We got incredibly sun burnt, despite having sunscreen with us (I guess the key is to actually apply it to our skin, huh?)  My high school buddy Kendra stopped by with her new baby, her little sister, and her little sister’s new baby.  Kendra was in town visiting from her current home in Maryland.  We very rarely see each other – last time I saw her in person, she was pregnant with her second child (the new baby is #3).  Monday morning, I completed my Magnet series, although since I was incredibly hung over and had to walk the race, I feel like I’m cheating a bit counting this one.  Maybe I’ll do an extra run to ease my conscience.  Maybe… J

Wow, I guess I remember more than I thought!

On to this upcoming weekend.  Tonight should be pleasantly boring – house chores and maybe a bit of choreography on my new solo.  Tomorrow morning, I’ll get up bright and early for my Jr. League Leadership Academy Retreat.  After that, I’ll head out to the Child Saving Institute’s Touch-a-Truck event to help out.  This will be my first official event as a CSI Guild member, and I’m really excited.  No set plans for Saturday night for a change.  Since ML’s recent injury is keeping her sidelined, DH and I are not planning on driving to the roller derby bout in Des Moines.  L 

Sunday morning will be another early one – I’m helping with the seasonal change-over at the Jr. League’s thrift shop, the Jumble Shop.  Then I’ll slap on some makeup and gypsy gear for the Diva Soma troupe photo shoot.   This weekend is definitely shaping up to be more work than play!