Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Talk Like a Pirate and I'll Kick Your Arse

I actually quite enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day, in theory and usually in practice. Hearty chuckles, throaty growls, and the occasional “shiver me timbers” are all fine with me. However, I have a co-worker whose voice makes the “This is Only a Test” squawk you hear on late-night TV sound melodious, and this individual announced with much glee this morning the commencement of this holiday. Arrrggg! Shut up!!! I wish I could make him walk the plank…or as another co-worker suggested, just beat him with the plank. J I’m not in the greatest mood to begin with today, so that’s definitely not helping!

The DH and I went to another movie at Film Streams last night. We saw “Ghosts of Cité Soleil”, a documentary about two brothers who were gang leaders in the ghetto of Port-au-Prince during the time of Haitian president Aristide’s ouster (2004-timeframe). It was magnificent. There are at a minimum 3 more movies I want to see there in the coming weeks, and that will just get us into October! I figure it will take 12.5 movie tickets to break even on the price of my membership ($50 membership, but as a member tickets are only $4 versus the regular admission price of $8), so I’m about a quarter of the way there already. If we see enough movies, I’m sure the DH won’t be opposed to a family membership next time around. I absolutely love this theater – have I mentioned that yet? Other than the slight mix-up before “Naked Lunch” last week (being sent to the wrong theater – but didn’t end up missing anything), it has been fabulous. And they even recycle! They have a bin for aluminum-plastic-paper right outside each theater. J

The movie, although brilliant and engrossing, was also very disturbing because it made you realize just how sheltered most Americans are from what happens in the rest of the world. I mean, Haiti is two hours from the tip of Florida and I know nothing about it. I doubt very many people would know what was happening in Iraq right now if it weren’t American soldiers over there fighting; we know so little about the wars of other countries. How many people really understand the crisis in Darfur, or could even point out the region on a map? (Of course, how many Americans can’t find the USA on a globe? Isn’t that right, Miss Teen South Carolina?) We spend more time checking up on the latest antics of Britney Spears and why OJ Simpson is in trouble this time than we do learning about the world outside our borders. It’s sad, and that’s not just the PMS talking.