Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why do they have to market "real" food

Burger King announced that it was going to introduce some healthier fare for its kids’ menu, including flame-broiled chicken tenders and “apple fries” – apples cut to resemble thick-cut French fries.  While adding more “real” food to their menu is certainly admirable, the apple fries thing really irritates me.  For one thing, these fries can only be cut from the thickest part of the fruit, leaving quite a bit of waste.  Why waste all this perfectly good fruit?  Are kids that mesmerized by the shape of French fries that a plain ol’ apple slice won’t appeal to them?  This is simply a marketing tactic that would be unnecessary if these kids were getting enough healthy and wholesome foods at home – making fast food healthy is not the answer; eating less fast food period is.