Friday, October 19, 2007

New obsession

I’ve discovered the wonderful world that is other people’s orthodontics and orthognathic surgery blogs.   I could read their stories all day.  It’s amazing how into a subject you can get when you are about to go through the experience yourself.

I haven’t told too many people what my plan is.  The DH knows, of course.  I told ML, some folks at work, a friend in the Jr. League.  I haven’t told my mom yet, or my sister that has braces.  I’m sure they’ll notice eventually. J   I’m not staying hush-hush out of embarrassment necessarily; more likely to keep anyone from talking me out of it!  

I feel like I’m reverting to adolescence; 28 going on 13…not only ‘cause of the braces, but also ‘cause my skin is throwing a fit, as well.  Great.  All the fun of my teens with a master’s degree and a mortgage…