Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beer goggles for the masses

Found these in a Grist email this morning: Real Beer Goggles! via Urban Spectacles .

Other cool stuff sent out by the fine folks at Grist
  • Kansas denies a permit to build a new coal plant because of concerns over C02 emissions (via Washington Post).  Where were these guys when OPPD got theirs? :P
  • Ever heard of "green un-building" (via New York Times)?  It's the deconstruction of structures in environmentally-responsible ways.  If the DH is reading this, we can benefit from this practice - lots of folks donate their deconstructed-but-still-perfectly-good materials to the Habitat for Humanity Restore (there's one in Omaha!).
Thanks, Grist-y folks - you go well with coffee.