Monday, October 01, 2007


The Omaha World Herald ran an interview today with the CEO of Firstar Fiber, a local Omaha recycling company.  It’s exciting to hear about all the possibilities they see for recycling in Omaha, from the OWH itself trying to increase it’s already 65-75% recycling rate, to the cellulose insulation company in Norfolk that uses recycles newspapers in its production process.  One of the points that caught my attention was the mention of why the company was happy when the City of Omaha stopped collection of glass in its recycling program – it was a major hazard to Firstar’s employees, who were constantly exposed to shards of broken glass.  
The company still collects glass, but gets it from drop-off locations, who sort the glass before it’s delivered to Firstar, thus protecting the employees from having to physically handle it.  I’m just happy that there is somewhere that still takes glass, and I was especially thrilled to read about the increased demand for recycled plastic – plastic isn’t going away on a large scale, so best to reuse what we already have than to produce new…