Friday, October 26, 2007

Sauce day

I took a sick day on Wednesday, but I can only sleep for so I headed to the basement to see how my tomatoes were doing. A couple of weeks ago, I picked a few large bowls of green tomatoes from our garden, wrapped the best of them in newspaper and shelved them in the basement to ripen. Wednesday I brought up 6 POUNDS of ripe red tomatoes!

What to do with them? How 'bout tomato sauce? Even better, how about Garlic-Basil Tomato Sauce from my trusty Ball Blue Book? Mmmm... If I'd realized that 6 lbs of 'maters only yields roughly 2 1/2 lbs of sauce, I might not have fired up the canner, but what'd'ya do? Next time I'll freeze the stuff.
I only pulled up about 1/3 of the tomatoes from downstairs, so there is plenty of sauce left to make. Plus on Tuesday, the DH decided he'd had enough of looking at the messy late-fall garden and brought in the rest of the greenies! :) The vines have now been chopped down for the season and winter is on it's way...