Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This weekend I stopped by the local grocery store, Hyvee, and noticed that they participate in the Bag2Bag recycling program.  I jotted down the website listed on the bin for more info, http://www.hilexpoly.com.  I’m glad that HyVee goes this extra step to reclaim and recycle its plastic bags – this company seems legitimate.  I’ve heard rumors that W@lm@rt’s similar program may just be a publicity stunt – that they might actually just be trashing the bags…but I have no proof of that.  Not that it matters to me personally – the DH and I bring our own bags when shopping.  We mainly use the Acme Workhorse 1500 from Reusable Bags, but many stores now sell reusuably grocery bags, including HyVee.  Or you can pick up one of my homemade versions at the Downtown Food Mart – I sold 12 to ML’s friend Dai this weekend.