Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looonnggg weekend

I love “observed” holidays. J  Usually because I get the day off of work.  Ah, the 3-day weekend, who doesn’t love that?

Like most of my weekends, this was a busy one.  The DH and I enjoyed the rare occasion of spending the entire time together, and surprisingly he doesn’t seem sick of me…yet.

We started off Friday night by seeing “American Gangster”, an excellent film about Frank Lucas, the man that used American military planes to smuggle heroin into the US during the Vietnam War.  Plenty of action and drama, but like most action and crime movies, it was a little too sexist for me.  There were 3 female roles – the trophy wife, the mother, and the no-speaking-lines woman that ran the drug shop.  But if you don’t focus on that part, it was a good movie! J

Saturday we went to the Nebraska-Kansas State football game.  Wow, it’s a lot more fun to watch football when your team is winning!  J  We stuck around until the Husker had scored 73 points, then headed home to meet the in-laws for dinner and catch the Kurt Cobain documentary “About A Son”.  This film was OK; not spectacular, but I thought it was interesting.  A lot of the people we went with seemed very disappointed, but I thought the way the filmmaker put it together was cool – it was basically just a recording of phone interviews with Kurt Cobain collected over a period of a couple of years before he died, set against a visual backdrop of scenes and video footage of towns in Washington state.  No real action or story, just Kurt talking about his childhood, early adult life, and influences.  He was a sad, strange child who turned into a sad, angry, and pretty damn lazy adult.  Dying was probably the best thing that could have happened to him, at least artistically – his music might not have gotten nearly the recognition and praise if he’d lived.  

After the movie, we headed next door to Slowdown for the Nirvana tribute show – a bunch of local bands performing Nirvana covers.  It was…kinda sucky.  For one thing, each band played one song, and then the next band took 15-20 minutes to set up.  So we really didn’t hear all that much music.  For another thing, it sounded like either none of the bands were very good or they had just never bothered practicing the song they chose.  I’m hoping for the latter, ‘cause most of the bands have decent followings around town and I’d hate to think that many people would support bands with no musical ability.  There were a couple of exceptions, but quality covers were not the rule at this show.

Sunday morning the DH and I drove back downtown to a brunch for Jun Kaneko.  A collection of his work from 2004-07 was on display, so we checked that out while munching on lobster quiche and crème puffs.  Mmm…crème puffs…

After watching football (DH), sewing (me), band rehearsal (DH) and dance practice (me), we met back up and headed to the Waiting Room to see the Meat Puppets.  Now, I only know like 2 Meat Puppets songs, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Well, we didn’t hear either of those two songs…and neither of us was too impressed with the songs we didn’t know, so that kinda sucked.  However, the opening band, Ha Ha Tonka, was AMAZING.  Enough so that I picked up their CD, a rare thing for me to do.  The last time I bought a CD at a concert was for Devotcha, whom I still love like no other band.  So, yeah, Ha Ha Tonka was that good!  I can’t wait for them to come back around – we’ll definitely be there for the full set.

Yesterday was a government holiday, so I celebrated by finishing up my BurdaStyle Marie skirt, getting a flu shot, and going for a consultation with my oral-maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Deva.  Dr. D explained the surgery to me, including the possibility that my insurance will pick up part of the tab.  Cross your fingers!  He said I should be in braces for 9-12 months (probably closer to 12), then have the surgery, then stay in braces for a while longer for “fine-tuning”.  The braces will correct the alignment of my teeth within my arch, and the surgery will match up my bite.  I will need both lower and upper jaw surgery for the best possible results.  I will spend the night in the hospital and then be off of work for 10-14 days…I guess I better start banking my vacation hours now!  But if I get my braces put on in the next month, I could be looking at surgery by next Christmas!  Whoo-hoo!  I want to do this, but I really just want it to be over already! (and I haven’t even started yet…)

So, how’s that for a jam-packed 3-day weekend?  Not bad, not bad at all…