Friday, December 14, 2007

ready for the weekend

Phew, it’s been a long week. A snow day on Tuesday left me with several hours to make up at work. Having mid-afternoon appointments on Wed and Thurs didn’t help either! On Wednesday afternoon, I stopped into the Child Saving Institute to help with the Guild’s Substitute Santa project. This project collects donated toys, games, etc. for social workers to give to their clients. While I was there, not much happened – it was the last day of the collection and it seemed everyone rushed in on Tuesday, despite the ice, and brought in their donations. I’m not sure how much help I was, since we weren’t busy during my shift, but I did get to meet a couple of nice ladies on the Guild and see how the operation was set up.

Last night was the December Nebraska Food Co-op delivery – this is my fourth one already! This fall has gone by so fast… It was especially busy last night as lots of people ordered their Christmas gifts from the co-op (myself included). There are several new producers as well – one lady was selling holiday greens (garlands and wreaths), and there were dog treats from The Healthy Pooch. It’s really exciting to be a part of an organization (and movement) that is so rapidly growing.

After the co-op, I headed home to wrap presents. I wanted to try to sew up some gift bags and wrap, but time is my limiting factor these days, so I opted to just use some of the paper gift bags from my stash. I collect them each year to reuse, so no new purchase were needed. Hopefully their recipients will reuse them as well, or just give them back to me!

This weekend should be relaxing – nothing going on tonight since I’m skipping the company holiday party. Tomorrow night, the DH and I are joining ML and her new man to see the Santaland Diaries at the Blue Barn Theater. Sunday, our dear Diva friend Susie is offering a relaxing holiday yoga class… ah, the weekend. Gotta love it!

An interesting post on Feministing today about the movie Knocked Up and a piece on Slate written about it. You may have seen star Katherine Heigl’s recent statement that the movie was “a little sexist”, while still being absolutely hilarious. Meghan O’Rourke’s article is well worth a read.